Video Gallery
Bass Producer
Heisskalt – Trauriger Macht [Live]

Live video of the song ‘Trauriger Macht’ played live at Open Flair Festival 2017.

17. July 2019
The Intersphere – Antitype

Live Session of our Song ‘Antitype’ at Ghostcity Recordings. Including some nice fuzzy Bass sounds.

17. July 2019
The Intersphere – Mind Over Matter

Music Video for our second single from our album ‘The Grand Delusion’.

12. July 2019
Drum ‘n’ Bass Jam

Drum ‘n’ Bass improvisation. All sounds done with my pedalboard. Used pedals: Boss OC-3, Iron Ether Xerograph, CopilotFX Orbit, Boss

6. October 2015
Ego Get Your Gun – North Pole [Live]

Live session of my band Ego Get Your Gun Song: North Pole Engineered, mixed and mastered by Matthias Ullrich

6. October 2015